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The fabulous creature Bimo

The fabulous creature Bimo

The fabulous creature Bimo

With 1 step inside from TumbleMee

This is the story about Bimo. Bimo is from a country far, far away.

Bimo is a fabulous creature from the Kings’ and Queens’ realm of fairy-tales.

The fabulous thing about Bimo is its long and strong back, a back that can easily carry the little personalities from the human world.

Bimo thinks that its back resembles a solid rock, a rock the child can safely slide down - and walk up. But beware! If you fall off the "rock" you may be absorbed by the trolls. At least, that’s what we have heard.

But Bimo's adventures have only just begun ...


Bimo is also always ready to give up his inner step. "Step" is good when you're not quite tall enough to get up on Bimo.

Bimo can also turn into a fabulous rocking creature. Bimo would probably prefer "a rocking rock". (Sometimes you just have to let a fabulous creature get its way).

However, this requires a spell. The spell should contain the word "bump". Whether this is true or not, we do not really know, because only children can perform magic in Bimo's world.

Bimo's many abilities are quite adventurous. They will magically develop the child’s fabulous motor and coordinating skills. Whether the child loves to rock, climb, sit, walk or stand on it – Bimo will magically develop the child’s motor skills.

What is a fabulous creature made of?

Bimo is made of heavy EVA foam. EVA foam does not contain any hazardous phthalates. The surface is soft and non-slippery.

Bimo can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth. If you try to immerse it into water to bathe it, we cannot guarantee the consequences. Because can a fabulous creature really take a bath – without being transformed into a monster?

Even though it is a fabulous creature, it does not leave marks on floors or walls.

Tested for children - developed by playful children.

What kind of extra equipment is available for this fabulous creature?

Bimo comes with one "Step" – which is in it. You can purchase other "Step" colours – if Bimo needs a new outfit.

Bimo can also turn into a rocker if it is combined with a "Bump".

  • Material: EVA – Skum
  • Measurements: L.60 cm. H.24 cm. W. 25 cm  
  • Colors: You can buy it in Soft Grey, Quartz Rose, Light Blue
  • Age: 3 +
  • Approvals: CE-mærket

You can do this with BIMO:

Recommended price 899 DKK | 120 EURO

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